Since spending the last four years learning the traditional skills and techniques of upholstery, at adult education classes, I have been taking on projects at home, for friends and family and now hope to extend my this to the local community.

Working from my country home near the East Sussex and Kent borders, as soon as I have dropped the children off at school, I indulge in my passion for transforming unloved and unwanted chairs back into something useful and beautiful.

I find it impossible to walk past a junk shop without popping in to see if there is anything with potential waiting to be rescued.  I am therefore starting to run out of little corners in which to put an occassional chair, foot stool, blanket box etc. 

It is amazing how a piece of furniture can either be restored to it’s former glory or completely transformed into something more contemporary, by re-upholstering it in a funky fabric.

I am starting this blog to inspire people.  Maybe you have a family heirloom that is collecting dust in the attic because it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of your home’s decor.  Or like me, can you not resist buying a  bargain from the local junk shop ot auction.  Maybe you have something more modern in a fabric that doesn’t fit in with your latest colour scheme.  What ever it is, if you follow this blog, hopefully you will get an idea of what can be achieved.

I have started today with some of the  first projects I did, with before and after photos where I have them.  The plan from now on is to update my blog each week with pictures of what I am currently working on.  I hope you find it interesting, and I hope it inspires to go and have a look at whats in your attic or local junk shop !


              Before                             and                            After

This is one of my favourite chairs which I picked up very cheaply.  I re-stained the woodwork black to match the furniture in my spare bedroom, and re-upholstered the chair in a quite similar silky fabric.


                    Before                  and                  After

Another of my favourite chairs, this one has a very solid and heavy frame which was in good condition.  The upholstery wasn’t however.  It now looks very smart in my bathroom, with its striped top fabric, trimmed with double piping in the same


                                   Before          and           After

This rocking chair looked dated with it’s worn and faded fabric, but with a new top cover and studs around the edges it was given a new lease of life, and a new home next to my fireplace.


                           Before          and          After

My sister-in-law gave me a pair of these chairs to re-upholster.  They now look very elegant in a neutral top fabric, trimmed with double piping.