This week I finished re-upholstering a winged armchair for my mother-in-law.  Although there was nothing really wrong with the old upholstery (the dark green stripes), it no longer fitted in with the decor in her home. 

We all know how expensive it would be to buy a similar new chair, and it doesn’t seem to make sense to get rid of what is a perfectly good chair.  So there was a simple solution of course – I re-upholstered it in a much more neutral gingham fabric. 

It was a big project, but very sastifying to finish – as always !   The trickiest bit was the front of the arms, but the end result wasn’t bad


I am pleased to report that I have already inspired one friend – she has found an old chair in her cellar, which she like me to tranform, so I am looking forward to seeing it !