Have you been passed down any much loved pieces of family furniture ?  Has it been stored away or covered with a throw because it has seen better days ? 

It can be a bit of a dilema – you don’t want to get rid of such an item, but it’s not very useful and is taking up space, what do you do?  Well …….

…… I have taken on a couple of such projects for friends, which were family pieces of furniture handed down from grandparents.  It’s lovely to be able to re-upholster such itmas and give them a new lease of life.

One friend  of mine brought me her grandmother’s ottoman / day bed.  The lid opens up to provide a great storage compartment, but it had been covered in a throw, due to it’s deteriorating state. 

I stripped it completely back to it’s frame, and re-webbed and re-padded the lid.  I re-padded the round arm aswell.  Then I padded all of the sides and insides with a layer of polyester wadding to make it softer. 

My friend chose a lovely velvety fabric in red and brown stripes, to cover it in, and I found some red lining to line the insides.  Stripes always seem to work well on such a piece, and what I loved most was the little circular drawer that comes out of the round arm.  This was finished off with a red tassle and some brass studs.

This ottoman / daybed will hopefully now be a really useful piece of family furniture that no longer needs to be hidden under a throw !

Another friend asked if I could re-upholster a stool / sewing box that had also been passed down from her grandmother.  This stool had  beautifully carved legs and other details, but was really in need of some restoration.

As I stripped the green top fabric, there was an awful moment where I realised that the fabric was what had actually been holding the lid together.  Unfortunately my skills don’t yet extend to large scale furniture restoration, however with some careful filling of holes and cracks, once the new top fabric was on, the lid seemed to be held together, and hopefully will stay that way until the woodwork can be profesionally restored.

The stool / sewing box now looks really smart, again in a striped top fabric, and finished with trim in a cream braid.  Underneath the top fabric we have also saved a small sample of the original fabric and trim.