Re-upholstery doesn’t have to be all about antiques and period pieces.

This week I have re-upholstered a 1950s chair, which was in a really sorry state.  Although it didn’t require the  usual traditional upholstery techniques, I was able to adapt what I have learnt about upholstery and combine it with my sewing skills (I also make made-to-measure curtains and blinds).

This curved chair is constructed from polysyrene, with a small bit of wood on the base.  I had to make a kind of slip cover for it,  fitted as tightly as possible.  The fabric was then secured at the base with staples and handstitched around the arms at the front.  In it’s new brushed cotton fabric, this chair  has definately been given a new lease of life !


I have re-upholstered a couple of other contemporary pieces.   The first was an Ikea tub chair, whose cream cover had collected a few stains.  My friend, quite rightly, could not see the point in buying a whole new chair, when she had a perfectly good one already, so she asked me to recover it in a bright red fabric instead.  Hopefully this colour will be a bit more practical.

I have also re-upholstered  a set of dining chairs, whose seats were originally covered in a very thin faux leather.  This had not withstood family life and had started to rip.  I re-covered then in a much thicker faux leather, which should be much more durable.