Blanket boxes are quite straight forward and fun to tranform.   I recently bought from the Friday Ads, a cheap painted MDF toy box.  It  had a thin layer of foam on the lid, covered with a childrens fabric. 

I added an extra layer of white felt padding to the lid to give it a softer rounder shape, and covered it firstly in calico.  I covered the sides of the box, inside and out, in a layer of polyester wadding, again to soften the sides.  I then coverd the outsides and the top of the lid in a thick purple fabric.  I covered the insides of the box in a satiny lining fabric.  I had to create a base for the box from plywood, that the lining fabric could be wrapped around and placed on the floor of the box to give it a neat and tight finish.

The reupholstered box now provides really useful storage at the end of my bed, for all my fabric remnants.

Here is another blanket box that I finished for someone this week.  This one had been covered in fabric before and had a buttoned lid. With it’s faded fabric and fringe around the bottom, it was looking a little dated.   

Again I added some polyester wadding to soften the sides, inside and out.  The buttons on the lid were of the nailed variety, instead of having a metal loop at the back.  As I wanted to button the lid in the tradition way, I needed to drill holes through the lid where the buttons were to go, so that the buttoning twine could be pulled through to the other side and secured.   This particular box had 23 buttons, which I kept with, however  you could change the number and positioning of buttons to give a different look, if you so wished.                

The outside of the box was reupholstered in a lilac fabric, with the buttons covered in a contrasting lime green colour, which gave the box a more contemporary look.  Inside the box was lined with a really beautiful floral fabric.