This chair was the final piece I learnt to reupholster at my local Adult Education centre. Having a curved iron frame instead of a wooden frame, made it quite a different kind of project to work on. To begin with, all the iron work had to be wrapped in hessian, this gives you some thing to secure the various layers to later on. It required an awful lot of horsehair for it’s stuffing and really was quite a time consuming project.

The plan had been to get it to it’s calico stage and then put it up for sale on my website, so that the buyer could choose a fabric for it to be upholstered in. However I was impatient and wanted to see the project finished. I set out to find a neutral fabric, so that it would be easy to sell, however I couldn’t bring myself to cover it in something uninspiring, and so opted for this beautiful botanical print from Fired Earth. I was a little worried that it won’t work well with the buttoning on the back of the chair, but in actual fact, the random pattern worked well and I was delighted with the end result.

Half tempted to keep this chair, I was quite disappointed when a buyer came along and loved the fabric I’d covered it in and wanted the chair.