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Week 10 023I reupholstered these two chairs plus a third similar chair, just before Christmas.  Really pleased with the way they turned out in this William Morris ‘Thistle’ fabric, in black and linen.


It’s such a shame to get rid of a favourite, comfy armchair, just because it’s looking dated.  Instead it can be given a totally different look with new top fabric. Here are two armchairs I have transformed recently.  The first has been given a new look with grey velvety fabric and piping in the same fabric but in a contrasting electric blue colour.

020 (2)      Before030


The second armchair has been given a new look so that it can have a new use in the nursery as a very comfortable nursing chair.  It has been re-covered in a lovely pale green fabric from Susie Watson Designs.

006 (3)     Before




                I have have recently finished working on the above tranformation.  It’s another great example of what can be done with a tatty old chair that was destined for the dump. Stripping this chair back to it’s frame was not the pleasantest of jobs.  The stuffing was dusty and reminded me of chopped up straw, I was half expecting to find some small animal hibernating inside ! Everything was discarded apart from the tension springs in the base.  The chair was restuffed with fibre, and a new foam cushion was purchased for the seat. One word of warning when rescueing such chairs – make sure the frame is sound.  It can be a little hard to tell, and I must admit I hadn’t tried sitting in this chair in it’s orginal state.  When I started to bang tacks home in one of the sides, the wood in the side frame couldn’t take it and completely split in two.  I had to undo alot of my work  and take it to be repaired – very annoying ! Anyway, once put back together and the upholstery completed, I was very satified with the end result.   The large pattern on the fabric (Fitzroy in Amethyst from Laura Ashley) meant that each piece of fabric had to be very carefully centred, but it works very well, and now has pride of place in my bedroom.